Bhajani Thalipeeth Recipe

Thalipeeth is a popular Maharashtrian snack which is healthy and easy-to-make. The most delicious and important part is its flour called Bhajani. It is prepared by roasting all the grains and spices and then grinding them together to make the bhajani flour.

Bhajani Thalipeeth Recipe

Bhajani Thalipeeth Recipe


Recipe :

  • Step 1 Wash and chop spring onions

    To prepare this easy recipe, wash spring onions and finely chop them in a bowl. Add all the masalas along with salt in this bowl and mix together. Let the mixture rest for 5 minutes, so that it leaves the water.

  • Step 2 Prepare the dough for Thalipeeth

    Now in the same bowl, add all flours one by one. Mix once using your hands and then add a little water along with one teaspoon oil and mix again. Knead a fine dough and use water as required. Dough should not be very hard. It should be soft but not semi-liquid.

  • Step 3 Prepare Thalipeeth using the dough

    Now, on a flat surface prepare the Thalipeeth using the backside of a plate. Take a small plate and grease the back with a little oil. Take some dough in your hand and place on the greased part. Lightly pat until thin and make the round shape of Thalipeeth. Repeat the process to make more Thalipeeth.

  • Step 4 Deep fry the Bhajani Thalipeeth and serve

    Meanwhile, put a kadhai over medium to high heat. Add oil in it and let it heat. Once the oil is hot enough, slowly remove the prepared Thalipeeth from the plate from one side and place it in hot oil. Deep fry until it is golden brown in colour. Serve the crispy and healthy Thalipeeth with ketchup or chutney. Kids will surely love it. (Note: To shallow fry, Thalipeeth, heat the griddle on medium flame. Apply some oil and place the Thalipeeth on griddle. Fry from both sides by applying little oil on both surfaces. Using spoon make sure it is cooked. You can also bake the Thalipeeth for 15 -20 minutes on 180 degrees to avoid frying.)