Kharvas recipe | junnu recipe | how to make milk bali (Kharvas)

How to make milk bali (Kharvas) , Gujarati recipe

Kharvas recipe | junnu recipe | how to make milk bali  (Kharvas) 

Kharvas traditional Indian sweet or dessert recipe prepared with cow milk or cow’s colostrum milk/cheek. the texture and the appearance are very similar to the milk-based paneer but softer and sweet in taste. moreover, it just dissolves in your mouth, making it an ideal dessert recipe for any party or any occasion.

Kharvas is a traditional sweet recipe and is generally prepared with cow colostrum (cheek). but we all know, getting the first form of milk produced by the cow is almost impractical. hence this recipe uses the combination of full cream cow's milk with the milk powder, curd, and condensed milk. moreover, I even call this recipe an instant version of junnu recipe. because of the usage of condensed milk as compared to traditional one where the milk is evaporated in constant low medium heat. further, it then steamed in a hot water which gives it a smooth and soft texture. as a matter of fact, this step of steaming makes it unique and distinctive from the paneer or chenna based sweets.


  • 300ml Milk
  • Half Bowl Water/  Normal milk
  • 3 tp spoon Suger /Masculine
  • Half tp spoon Cardamom powder
  • 8 to 10 Pieces Saffron 
  • 1 Glass of water


  • 300 એમએલ દૂધ
  • અર્ધ બાઉલ પાણી / સામાન્ય દૂધ
  • 3 ચમચી ખાંડ / ગોળ
  • અડધી ચમચી એલચી પાવડર
  • 8 થી 10 પીસ કેસર
  • 1 ગ્લાસ પાણી


Firstly, traditional kharvas is prepared with colostrum milk (cheek) and no curd / condensed milk is added. also, steam the junnu on medium flame, else they turn rubbery. additionally, garnish with chopped dry fruits/saffron for more flavors. Furthermore, to make junnu without condensed milk and curd; use corn flour along with milk and sugar.
finally, use good quality milk and milk powder to make an instant kharvas / junnu recipe.

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