Panakam Recipe

Panakam, also known as Panagam or Panaka is a South Indian speciality that is synonymous with Sri Ramnavami. This cooling and refreshing drink is perfect for summers and is widely prepared in the Southern states of India. The water is sweetened using jaggery, lemon adds a tang to it and the added tulsi leaves give a peculiar flavour to the drink.

Panakam Recipe

Panakam Recipe


Recipe :

  • Step 1 Mix jaggery and water

    In a pitcher, add jaggery along with 5 cups of water. Mix well and let the jaggery remained soaked for 20 minutes. Now stir well to ensure it is completely dissolved.

  • Step 2 Add other ingredients

    Now add black pepper powder, cardamom powder, ginger powder and salt. Squeeze out the juice of one lemon in the pitcher and mix everything well.

  • Step 3 Add tulsi leaves

    Lastly, add tulsi/basil leaves, stir gently and serve. You can refrigerate the drink before serving or also add some crushed ice cubes as per need.