Kabuli Pulao Recipe

Kabuli Pulao Recipe

Kabuli Pulao Recipe

Kabuli Pulao Recipe (NON-VEG RECIPE)

A beautifully spiced serving of rice with the goodness of chickpeas. Makes for a light and lovely meal in itself!



  • Step 1 Cook mutton in spices

           To prepare your very own Kabuli Pulao, take a pan and put mutton, 3 cups of water, half of the onion, salt, garlic cloves, half of the garam masala. Cook the mixture until the mutton becomes tender. Once done, separate the mutton from the stock and keep it aside.

  • Step 2 Soak basmati rice for 20-30 minutes

           Take a bowl and add basmati rice to it. Wash well in cold water and then soak in enough water for about 25-30 minutes.

  • Step 3 Cook all dry fruits along with a carrot for 2-4 minutes

           Take another pan and put a cup of water, sugar, carrots, cardamom powder, almonds, cashews, pistachios in it. Cook while stirring continuously for about 3 mins.

  • Step 4 Cook mutton with all the spices

           Simultaneously, in a different pan add cooking oil, whole cumin, the other half of onion, 5 grams of garam masala, and green chili. Fry everything nicely until they turn golden in color. In the same pan add cooked mutton, salt, garlic, cumin powder, yogurt, and coriander powder. Cook for about 5 mins.

  • Step 5 Add rice and cook for another 15-20 minutes, and then serve

          It is time to add the mutton stock and soaked rice. Cook everything until the rice is nicely cooked. Garnish with the dry fruits fried earlier. Let it simmer for another 15 mins. Your Kabuli Pulao is ready to be served.