Idli Recipe

Idli Recipe

Idli Recipe

This Idli recipe is one of the earliest recipes from the blog which has been tried and tested with great results by many of our readers. 

Idli is a soft, pillowy steamed savory cake made from rice and lentil batter. The lentils used in making idli are urad dal (black gram). Idli is a traditional breakfast made in every South Indian household including mine. Idli is popular not only in the whole of India but outside India too.

Idli is naturally vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and makes for one of the healthiest breakfasts.


  • 2 Bowl of Rice

  • 1 Cup of Udad Dal

  • Water (As Per Needed)

  • 1tp Spoon Salt

  • 1/2tp Spoon ENO

  • Oil ( For Garnishing)


  • ચોખાના 2 બાઉલ

  • 1 કપ અડદ ની દાળ

  • પાણી (જરૂર મુજબ)

  • 1 ચમચી મીઠું

  • 1/2 ચમચી ENO

  • તેલ (સુશોભન માટે)


  • Make sure to use cold water when blending rice and lentils

  • Blend urad dal to smooth consistency while the rice batter should be slightly coarse

  • Use a nonlocking lid on the Instant Pot when starting the fermentation process. Sometimes, over fermentation can cause the battery to overflow or can even lock the Instant Pot lid

  • If you do not have an Instant Pot, simply put the pot of batter covered in a warm place or inside the oven with the oven lights on

  • The water proportions for blending the batter are based on the exact ingredients I use. If you use different rice or use urad dal instead of the gota urad dal you may need more or less water

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