Paneer 65 Recipe

Paneer 65 Recipe

Paneer 65 Recipe

Paneer 65 Recipe

Paneer 65 is easy to prepare a snack, very filling to go with tea or coffee. Perfect for get together as a starter.

I have made paneer pakora and chilli paneer dry. This is also a similar one, a combination of both, made in the way of how we make gobi 65. You can marinate and keep refrigerated, make hot when needed. I got these two blocks of paneer during my recent trip to Mustafa and by mistake kept them in the fridge instead of freezing them. So could not freeze it as the pack said once defrosted, don’t freeze again.

Since it was a Sunday, prepared paneer 65. It was heavy and we skipped our dinner. Paneer 65 goes well with fried rice or biryani too. I have cut the paneer as fingers, you can use cubed paneer also or cut it into cubes. Let’s learn how to make paneer 65 with step-by-step pictures and instructions below.



Step 1 Coat and fry the paneer

In a bowl, add cornflour and rice flour with 1 tsp of salt and 1 tsp of black pepper and red chili powder, ginger-garlic paste, cumin powder, garam masala, 1 tsp of lemon juice. Now, add your paneer to this batter and coat it well. Deep fry them in a kadhai and keep them aside.

Step 2 Prepare the sauce

Heat some oil in a pan and add the cumin seeds to it. Now roast the garlic with the cumin seeds and add finely chopped onions along with chopped curry leaves. To this, add chili sauce and tomato ketchup, and salt. Mix it all well on high flame.

Step 3 Combine and serve!

In the end, add some curd with 2 tbsp of water. Let it bubble and turn the flame to low and add the fried paneer pieces to this. Coat and combine well, top with some lemon juice, garnish with spring onion greens and serve hot!